'Past, Present, Future' Launches

 John Hill
13. June 2018
Image: Screenshot of pastpresentfutureproject.com
Itinerant Office's "Past, Present, Future: about being an architect yesterday, today and beyond" launches today. The project, which exhibited at CANactions International Architecture Festival 2018, features interviews with eleven architecture firms based in Italy and the Netherlands, "with the aim of gathering personal insights about their careers, and to collect different opinions on the ever-changing profession of architecture."
The tripartite structure of "Past, Present, Future" means that each architect speaks, as would be expected, to their past, present and future. As described on the website of the project, which is curated by Gianpiero Venturini, founder of Itinerant Office:
  • PAST takes a look at their early careers by questioning which paths lead to their success, with each interviewee revealing personal memories and anecdotes from the very beginning. 
  • PRESENT explores the particular characteristics of each studio, helping us to understand the ways in which they currently function, and how they have grown over time. 
  • FUTURE opens up a conversation of speculation, discussing about some of today's most pressing architectural topics, and attempting to anticipate future concepts and trends.

A trailer for "Past, Present, Future" reveals the eleven architects/firms:
The eleven interviewed architects, in the order of the video above and image below:
  1. Kees Christiaanse / KCAP
  2. Jacob van Rijs / MVRDV
  3. Francine Houben / Mecanoo
  4. Nanne de Ru / Powerhouse Company
  5. Caroline Bos / UNStudio
  6. Kees Kaan / KAAN Architecten
  7. Cino Zucchi / Cino Zucchi Architetti
  8. Mario Cucinella / Mario Cucinella Architects
  9. Simone Sfriso / TAMassociati
  10. Marco Casamonti / Archea Associati
  11. Stefano Boeri / Stefano Boeri Architetti

World-Architects will be featuring each of the interviews in the coming weeks and months (links added above as we do), though those eager to watch the interviews can watch them all now on the "Past, Present, Future" website.
Portraits of the eleven architects (Photos © Luca Chiaudano)
"Past, Present, Future" is a project curated by Gianpiero Venturini, founder of Itinerant Office, with the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rome. World-Architects is proud to be a media partner of the project.

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