Steinweid Apartment Buildings

Kilchberg, Switzerland

As architects we bear responsibility for the continuation of our architectural history and for the formulation of the built environment in which we all live. We are a classic architecture practice which erects buildings and combines all the relevant areas of knowledge, from the urban design study and the architecture competition, the various planning services right up to construction, and make this knowledge available for the built object.

We are the representative of our clients, while at the same time we also have obligations to the users of our buildings – for instance as regards public spaces and the careful and economical use of resources. Therefore, design means controverting and negotiating, it is a meandering, iterative process and we greatly respect our clients who take this path with us. We support and cultivate the architecture competition as it is a guarantor of our culture of building that also stimulates our own reflections and creativity.

We are driven onwards by a will and delight in realising high quality spaces with lofty design ambitions and their own individual atmosphere. Through its geometry and surfaces space is made perceptible to all the senses and is charged in terms of programme and context. It is the development down to the last detail that gives architecture an unmistakeable identity. In the process we avoid compromises and search for the archetypical. We are moved by precision and unambiguity; we strive for clarity and simplicity. This is how strong architectural structures and coherent and durable constructions are created.

We learn and teach – and have been doing so since 1929.

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