Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

It is light that allows us to experience spaces. Consequently, lighting design is one of architecture’s essential constituents. Effective lighting in architecture and in the landscape is the result of good design, a combination of small steps taken at the right time as well as experience, technical competence, endurance, imagination and cooperation skills in communicating with other consultants and the client. Light is an intangible component of aƒΩrchitecture. Every building is set in a specific landscape, and moreover in specific daylight conditions. As lighting designers we create a mood that befits the architecture and harmonizes with the surroundings, the existing daylight conditions and the materials. We use light to accentuate the specific characteristic of a building or open space, and we design the lighting to harmonize with its users and uses. We believe it to be important to develop lighting from an aesthetic, technical and economic viewpoint.

Competences: lighting design | day- and artificial lighting | masterplanning | development of lighting elements

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Hamburg, Germany
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