Past-Forward: Cyprus Modernism, Unarchived

Cyprus Modernism, Unarchived restages the work of Stavros Economou (1917-2004) - one of the most significant representatives of Modern Architecture in Cyprus, at Kolektiv Cité Radieuse gallery, located inside Le Corbusier’s Unité d’habitation in Marseille. Setting the architect’s archive in motion and making it accessible to diverse publics, the exhibition presents Economou’s multidimensional practice that unfolded at a period of intense transformation in Cyprus on spatial, socio-political and economic levels, spanning the last years of British rule until the first decades after the declaration of independance. The exhibition reconstructs fragments of the archive and the life cycles of modern heritage buildings through digital media and storytelling. This new content explores what constitutes our collective memories in contested landscapes and suggests how a building’s multidimensional representation is an open-ended activity that rewrites its multiple temporalities and complex histories while speculating new futures. The multimedia reconstruction of Economou’s architectural archive proposes a journey into the Cypriot urban landscape and the dynamics that have contributed to its shaping from the mid-twentieth century onwards, acting as a vehicle to critically reflect on identity, modernity, post-coloniality and the common challenges Mediterranean cities are facing today. 

As part of the exhibition, a 360° virtual tour of Past-forward: Stavros Economou Unarchived is launched. That was the first retrospective exhibition on Economou’s work, hosted at State Gallery of Contemporary Arts – SPEL in Nicosia (2021). This 360° ‘virtual twin’ not only documents the ephemeral event of the exhibition, but creates a new digital repository for the archive through an interactive interface that can be accessed remotely by an international audience. In this virtual space, visitors can immerse themselves in a spatial experience to discover more original drawings, photographs, articles, written documents and new multimedia content from Economou’s archive, which can be continuously expanded in time.


12 de mayo hasta el 9 de julio, 2023
Unité d'Habitation Le Corbusier
280 Bd. Michelet
13008 Marseilles, France
Kolektiv Cité Radieuse
Kolektiv Cité Radieuse